3D Wild TD: Tower Defense v1.34.7 – Strategic Game “Sky Realm” for Android Trailer is
a well-made and challenging title in the style of defensive tower games
tested with offline execution

3D Wild TD: Tower Defense – The celestial realm, whose full name is 3D Wild TD: Tower Defense in Fantasy Sky Kingdom, is a selected game (Editor’s Choice) on Google Play that as soon as it was released, it attracted the attention of many players and strategy enthusiasts. And draw the defensive tower. This game is offered for free on Google Play and Usroid is proud to be in Iran for the first time This game introduces you to your loved ones. American Wild Sky Dev Studio is responsible for making and developing this game for Android phones and tablets. If you are familiar with the style of defense tower games or Tower Defense, you must know that this style of games has been shining in the eyes of users for several years and hundreds of different versions of them have been released. In these games, you have to strategically resist the enemies in a group and attack you in successive waves of attacks and try to infiltrate your territory. To stop them, you must place buildings and defense forces along their path so that as soon as the enemies reach them, your forces will attack them and destroy them before they can cross the path. . The same goes for 3D Wild TD: Tower Defense in Fantasy Sky Kingdom, and you have to defend your boundaries.


3D Wild TD: Tower Defense in Fantasy Sky Kingdom


3D Wild TD: Tower Defense in Fantasy Sky Kingdom What makes it more interesting and fun than most similar games is that unlike the normal mode in which these games have a permanent path, in this game your enemies enter the scene from several sides and make the job harder for you. . That’s why 3D Wild TD: Tower Defense in Fantasy Sky Kingdom is a challenging game, and maybe not everyone can easily skip it. In this game you have to train different forces to face the enemies and prepare them to fight. Your troops can be ordinary archers and swordsmen, or defensive defenses such as bombers or electric towers. Like all TD style games in this game, you can upgrade your forces to several levels and increase their capabilities and power several times. 3D Wild TD game: Tower Defense in Fantasy Sky Kingdom has many stages, and in the higher sections, when the sensitivity of the game increases, you have to wait for fierce and very exciting battles. The game’s graphics are simple but well-crafted and fancy, and along with its interesting and good gameplay, it can meet your expectations. Usroid has prepared and published this beautiful game at your request, dear ones. 3D Wild TD: Tower Defense in Fantasy Sky Kingdom with a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 was able to cross the 500,000 download mark on Google Play in less than two months.

Mod feature: It is possible to build and upgrade the towers with free sound, and the skills of the characters can be used indefinitely and without interruption.