Anxiety of Alina v1.1.1 – low-volume action and adventure game “Alina Fear and Anxiety” for Android + trailer of
the purchased and complete version of the game for $ 1.99, presented to you,
tested with offline performance

Anxiety of AlinaA simple and at the same time very well-made and entertaining game in action style with an attractive and lovable idea, which along with the unique style of its designs, has become an extremely exciting and suggested title. The Finnish studio Vainary was responsible for making and publishing this game for $ 1.99 for Android phones and tablets on Google Play. As soon as the latest official version of this game is released, we have prepared it and prepared it for you dear ones and constant companions, so that you can download it from Usroid high-speed servers with one click and enjoy it a lot. Anxiety of Alina is a handmade title with simple but very interesting painted designs that tells a simple but exciting story. The story of this game is related to a little girl named Alina who is afraid of the dark and at night when she sleeps, she struggles with the problem of fear and anxiety about the dark. But these fears are not rooted in childhood and common children’s fears. Alina really feels this problem! Right at bedtime, shadows attack him and scare him. This problem gets worse every night. Alina needs your help. You have a duty to help him get rid of the monsters that come to him in the dark. To do this, your main goal is one thing, and that is to disperse and destroy the shadows and monsters with the help of a flashlight!


Anxiety of Alina


In Anxiety of Alina, as the stages begin, shadows move towards Alina from all around. You have to start the steps, point the flashlight at the shadows approaching Alina to destroy them. But you have to do it carefully and target him as soon as a shadow approaches. You have to keep doing this until the shadows are gone and that night is over. But be careful! Your resources are depleted. This means that the battery charge is not unlimited and this will be one of the main challenges of Anxiety of Alina for you. During the steps you can find special items such as dolls and story books and use them to decorate Alina’s room. This part of the game is the action part, but Anxiety of Alina has another very interesting story part, during which you have to follow the story of the game and decide how the story line will continue with your choices from several options. . According to the game developer, there are several different endings for Anxiety of Alina, which vary according to the players’ choices. Can you change the fate of this innocent girl in the best way with the right choices? Or do your mistakes cause Alina to be possessed by darkness and shadows? It all depends on you. Cartoon graphics and unique game designs along with a very attractive soundtrack have made Anxiety of Alina a very lovable and special title.Usroid has downloaded this small game in a tested form. We recommend that you take a look at the game trailer introduction video to get more acquainted with it and then download it from the site’s servers.

Note: The game is only installed on ARM64 or X64 devices.

Changes in version v1.1.1:

* Fixed some bugs and game problems