Cakingdom Match v3.0812.10 + Mod – “Cake Kingdom” Fun and Fantasy Game for Android

Regular version + Mod version (Infinite money) separately

Cakingdom Match – Cake Kingdom is another children’s and fantasy game from the Chinese studio Moe Games, Inc. This game has been released in the Casual genre and is a type of puzzle and matching game designed for children and young adults. Cakingdom Match is available for free but has in-app purchases. As the first Iranian website, Usroid has obtained and published this game in both regular and modded versions so that you can easily download and enjoy another fantasy game for Match-style game enthusiasts. Cakingdom Match, like dozens or perhaps hundreds of other puzzle and matching games in the Match 3 Puzzle Games genre, is designed with the same general concept, and there is no significant difference between this game and other games of this type. If you have experienced these types of games before (which you have probably played several of them), you can quickly and easily understand the overall concept and nature of Cakingdom Match. Cake Kingdom is a simple Match 3 game with graphic and fantasy designs that can be very attractive and lively for children, especially girls, with its colorful layouts.

 Cakingdom Match 

In the game Cakingdom Match, you travel to a mythical world. A world known as the Kingdom of Cakes, where everything in this fantasy land is related to cakes! You must help the cute characters in the game to pass the levels and solve the game’s puzzles. According to the game’s developer, Cakingdom Match has over hundreds of different and entertaining levels, all based on the classic match-three game. However, the game developer has tried to make this game different from other similar games by adding various modes such as slice party cake, dunk the popsicles, spread jam, and collect gummy bears. Like all other games in the Match 3 genre, Cakingdom Match also has numerous side features and sub-items that you can use to progress in the game. Your main task is simple but challenging. You must collect items that are similar in shape and color in a row, and the minimum number you need to place side by side is three. With the money earned from the game’s levels, you can purchase various items from the store section. Cakingdom Match, with its appropriate size and simple yet colorful and fantasy designs, can be an entertaining game not only for children but also for adults because playing this simple game is effortless and can be a suitable option for your leisure time. If you want to download this game, you can download the latest version of it, along with a modded version, from the download box on Usroid.