Clipboard Manager Pro v2.5.3 – Android Clipboard Management Application
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One of the most used memories in the Android operating system and users care less about it than anything else is the clipboard memory! It is good to know that all the text you copy is stored in the memory of the clipboard and all the copied text remains in it. Clipboard Manager Pro is a simple program for intelligent management of the clipboard, developed by devdnua for the Android operating system.It’s been published. This software allows its users to access their clipboard memory and manage their unlimited notes as easily as possible. One of the most important features of this application is its support for different categories; So that you will be able to put the copied notes in specific categories and your favorite and give them a great order. In addition, the professional search system used in it helps you to easily find the texts you want among the thousands of saved notes. If you want to have complete management on your clipboard memory, do not miss this program and stay tuned for more.

Some features and capabilities of Android Clipboard Manager Pro:

  • Create unlimited categories
  • Add and save notes indefinitely
  • Automatically save notes to the clipboard
  • Automatically clear memory of selected categories
  • Professional and fast search system among notes
  • Ability to merge multiple notes together
  • Automatic backup of clipboard storage on cloud servers
  • Quick access to recent notes
  • Smart actions

Clipboard Manager Pro application , due to its efficiency and capabilities in managing the clipboard memory, has been able to receive a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Play Store users with its price of $ 1.99, which you can now purchase the latest version of this program as Get it completely free from Usroid site.


Clipboard Manager Pro