Cooking Frenzy v1.0.86 + Mod – Popular Cooking Excitement Game for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Gold and Diamonds) Separately
Tested to Run Offline

Cooking Frenzy is the name of a strategy game that has been released for Android devices by DragonPlus Game Limited game studio. DragonPlus Game Limited has previously released good games for gamers and has a good track record in the Android market. Cooking Frenzy is another good game from this game studio that has brought a unique and entertaining experience to gamers with its attractive gameplay. The gameplay of this game is extremely simple and its mechanisms do not have any particular complexity. Therefore, it is an ideal game for all age groups. As its name suggests, this game is a cooking game. If you love cooking games, entering Cooking Frenzy will make your mouth water. This game has unique features that distinguish it from all other similar games. You cook various and very diverse foods throughout the game and work with the most modern kitchen equipment. The attractiveness of this game is such that even if you don’t like cooking, you will fall in love with it and spend all your time in your home kitchen after playing it. However, the cooking style is not a new style and is particularly well-known among mobile games, and most gamers are familiar with this style of games. Nevertheless, this game is not like other games from afar and as soon as you enter the game, the freshness of this game will bring a smile of satisfaction to your face. The general rules of the game are almost similar to other well-known cooking games. In each stage of the game, customers come to your restaurant and order food, and you have to prepare their order as quickly as possible. By achieving the goals set for you in each stage, you receive a license to enter the next stage and receive money and rewards for achieving your goals. The more you progress in the game, the more difficult the game becomes. This means more customers, more orders, and more diverse foods.


Cooking Frenzy


But unlike other cooking games, Cooking Frenzy uses a three-star achievement system to measure your performance in each level. Additionally, the game’s storyline has no impact on gameplay, and your challenges are actually designed based on the storyline. In each level, you must complete challenges to unlock parts of a picture that belongs to a global image and can only be found in kitchens. That’s why the game’s stages are divided into different types of kitchens. For example, in the early stages of the first stage, you are in a kitchen that only serves breakfast, and its dishes are eggs, bacon, juice, etc. But in other stages, you have to go to a fast food kitchen, a traditional food kitchen, and even a cake baking kitchen. This change in the game’s theme has made the world of Cooking Frenzy very deep, with a high variety of game stages, challenges, and objectives. The game’s graphics leave nothing to be desired. From the character design to the design of the dashboard, cooking environment, restaurant hall, and outdoor view, we can give everything an excellent score. The game’s visual effects are also excellent, and the animations, effects, and lighting are superb. In addition, the game’s audio section has had a strong, surprising performance. The combination of soothing background music and the sound of frying pans creates a unique atmosphere for the game and has increased its appeal several times. Cooking Frenzy has earned a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 on the Android market, and the team at Usroid intends to provide you with the original and unlimited mod version of the game completely free of charge. You can now download this game from our servers and enjoy playing it!