Cool Goal! v1.8.33 + Mod – action and super fun game “Cool Flowers” for Android
Normal version + Mode version (features listed) separately
Tested with offline performance

Cool Goal! – Cool Flowers is the name of a very interesting, creative and at the same time simple game that is produced in an action style with fun and challenging gameplay and is offered for free for Android mobiles and tablets by the British studio Gismart. This game is designed with a very simple idea, but this design is so great and fun that you should definitely play Cool Goal! In turn, one of the best games of this genre. In this fun game that is supposed to challenge your aiming and shooting skills from another angle, you have to stand behind the ball and guide it towards the goal by aiming to shoot a ball. But wait! This game is not a normal football game and nothing like penalties. You have a relatively long distance from the gate, and this distance becomes even greater at higher levels. But the main challenge is that your angle changes with each hit, and more importantly, there are all kinds of obstacles between you and the gate! These obstacles are constant and low in the early stages, but as you go through a few stages, the main challenges of the game gradually become apparent. These fun and creative challenges include stages where you have to shoot your ball through several moving obstacles towards the goal from a distance. Obviously, if the ball hits these obstacles, there is no point in gaining points and you will lose. Each stage contains several challenges that you must earn points to complete. If you make a few mistakes and go to the top and lose, you have to start Playing again from the beginning of that stage.


Cool Goal!


In Cool Goal! Obstacles are moving and you have to have a precise timing and targeting. To aim, just place your finger on the ball and swipe left or right to specify the shooting direction of the ball. You can make cuts by dragging your finger more. In many stages, you need this feature and you have to hit the ball in such a way that it crosses the obstacles in a cut and approaches the central path again. Along with this attractive gameplay, great graphics and completely dynamic game has given it a unique effect! Fully three-dimensional and dynamic designs with a highly evolving destructive system make playing this game very enjoyable. For example, if you hit obstacles (which are often other human beings), they will hit the ground smoothly and very naturally! The charms of the game do not end here. In Cool Goal! You can unlock different types of characters or even change the game balls and customize these items. Dozens of challenging and incredibly fun stages in Cool Goal! They are waiting for you. So do not procrastinate and download the regular or modded version of this attractive game as a test from Usroid right now. This popular game has been downloaded more than 5 million times and its score is 4.0 out of 5.0.


Changes in version v1.8.33:

*  Bug fixes + overall performance optimization