DOP 2: Delete One Part v1.2.2 + Mod – DOP 2 game: Delete an Android part of
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DOP 2: Delete One Part The name of a game in the puzzle and intellectual genre, published by SayGames game development studio for Android devices. The Carbold game studio has already released other good games for gamers in the Android Market, including games such as Drifty Race, Agent Action, Johnny Trigger, Stealth Master – Assassin Ninja Game, and many more. He has his own game development record. DOP 2: Delete One Part is another good game from this game studio and is actually a sequel to DOP: Draw One Part. DOP: Draw One Part was able to set an exceptional and stunning record for this game studio with more than 50,000,000 active installations, and DOP 2: Delete One Part was able to repeat this success, and so far We are writing this article over 10,000. Download 000 times in the Android Market and make this collection one of the most popular mobile games in the Android Market. This unprecedented reception shows that the DOP series has come to entertain gamers and does not intend to leave them alone for now. Just like the first game, DOP 2: Delete One Part has a simple gameplay. The structure of the gameplay is step by step and in each stage you have to solve the puzzles that are presented to you using your intelligence and ingenuity.


DOP 2: Delete One Part


In DOP 2: Delete One PartThe puzzles are not complicated and are in the form of pictures. But this time we are faced with different mechanisms for solving puzzles. In the first game you had to paint the pictures to solve the puzzles, in this game you have to delete the pictures to solve the puzzles. If you are confused, do not worry at all, the educational part of the game will teach you this simple mechanism completely, and in a few seconds you will understand what you have to do in this game. To erase images, simply use your finger as an eraser and erase different parts of the image on your device screen. Fortunately, there is a help button in this game, and when you have trouble solving a puzzle, you can use this button to solve the puzzle easily. DOP 2: Delete One Part has more than 100 stages, the gameplay and controls are very simple and straightforward, its puzzles are not complicated and casual, its graphics are very beautiful and eye-catching, and its soft music gives an unforgettable experience. Gives you gifts. DOP 2: Delete One PartIt has obtained a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 in the Android Market, and the Usroid teamintends to provide this game to you dear ones in a tested and completely free way. Now you can download the original version and the modded version of this game without any restrictions through our servers at the end of the article and enjoy its execution!