Frosty Apex Nova Holo Action is one of the most popular and beautiful Android themes, which despite its long release and the release of several versions of it, still has a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 , and with its extremely beautiful and stylish wallpapers. It fascinates the user! This theme is designed in full HD and with incredible quality, and with very stylish and professional icons and wallpapers, it has come to transform the interface of your Android smartphone or tablet and make it duplicate and tired. Save the previous buyer! This theme with a different style, circular HD icons and fun wallpapers can be the best option for any user who is looking for a different theme for their mobile phone!

The wallpapers of this theme include all kinds of natural wallpapers such as train tracks, nature, mountains, etc., and with highly professional and beautiful backgrounds with the possibility of customization, it can make your phone look very beautiful and stylish.

Some features of Frosty Apex Nova Holo Action Android theme:

* Having more than 1100 icons in HD quality and high resolution

* Having 17 unique and special wallpapers with the ability to be selected by the user

* Supports Apex, Nova, Holo, Adw, Go, Action, Nemus launchers

* Having icons with different rotations and colors for more beauty

* Having a dedicated dashboard to apply the theme , select wallpaper and more

Theme Frosty Apex Nova Holo Action at a price of $ 1.64 in the Play Store to sell is one of the best themes Andrvydyst! If you like to view images of the theme environment and download it, you can download it with one click by referring to the rest of this post from Usroid

 Changes in version v3.1:

* Added 129 new icons

* Added (replace) 5 incredibly beautiful wallpapers!

* Added new functions


Download Frosty Apex Nova Holo Action - popular dream theme for Android




Download Frosty Apex Nova Holo Action Android Apk - NEW


Download Frosty Apex Nova Holo Action Android Apk - NEW


Download Frosty Apex Nova Holo Action Android Apk - NEW