Galileo Offline Maps Pro v5.1.3 – Offline and high-capacity Android map application,
the purchased version is offered to you dear ones for $ 0.99

As you know, one of the problems that users are constantly facing is the need for Internet access to use Google Maps; To solve this problem, Google has also released software that does not include many of the capabilities of the online version. Galileo Offline Maps Pro is a powerful program for accessing Google maps offline for AndroidPublished by Mobile Maps SPC. A set of maps with very high detail and markings of different and important points are included in this program that you will need no other peripheral program by accessing them. The high speed of searching software without the need for the Internet gives you a unique experience when using maps to navigate, which is unique in its kind. Add your favorite places to your favorite list so you can access them as quickly as possible at any time. Another great feature of Galileo Offline Maps is the accurate routing information; So that when traveling, all you have to do is choose your origin and destination, so that in addition to receiving the offer, you can get the closest accurate information about the distance and time to reach your destination at different speeds.

Some features and capabilities of the Galileo Offline Maps Pro Android app:

  • Very accurate and complete maps of all countries in the world
  • The basic foundation of the project is based on OpenStreetMap
  • Update and improve maps on a regular basis on a monthly basis
  • Quick and unique search among maps offline
  • Highly detailed maps such as museum locations, gas stations, etc.
  • Record your travel background background!
  • Display the actual distance and time to reach the destination
  • Tracker mode
  • Supports 11 different languages

Set offline maps Galileo Offline Maps Pro $ 0.99 able Attention users in the Play Store, and get points 4.3 to 5.0 won again Usroid to work and purchased version of the powerful program for Free, we have provided it for you, dear users, which you can download with one click.

Note: In the new version, the program name has been changed to Guru Maps Pro – Offline Maps & Navigation.


Galileo Offline Maps