Game Killer v4.30 – Android Game Hacking and Modding Software + Installation Guide without any Problems
This program requires your device to be rooted

Game Killer – گیم کیلر is one of the best, most effective, and well-known cheating software for Android devices, with which you can easily hack and mod most Android games! Perhaps you are one of the users who want to play Android games without any programming and increase their money and equipment. We recommend this software to you, with which you can increase the amount of money, points, blood, and other items available in the games just by installing and running it. With the regular version of games and Game Killer, you can easily modify games with just a few steps and enjoy the modded version of the game. This useful application requires your device to be rooted to run and function properly, as it will ask you for root access during the initial run if your device is not rooted.

Some features of the Game Killer Android app:

* Runs in the background without consuming CPU and device resources

The Game Killer application has not been released on the “Google Play” site due to its non-compliance with Google’s policies and is only available to the designer and builder. At Usroid, we have provided the latest and last version of it at the request of users, which you can download with just one click.

Program Execution Method: First, install the Lucky Patcher software on your device (download Lucky Patcher); then download the file from this page and extract it from the compressed file. Copy the file to the path Android/data/com.forpda.lp/files/LuckyPatcher, and then install the program installer. Run the Lucky Patcher program, click on the Game Killer icon, select the Custom Patch option, and enjoy the program.

* Resolving issues and multiple optimizations


Download Game Killer - cheating on Android games!