Graphing calculator plus 84 graph emulator free 83 v5.1.1.661 – Calculate the types of mathematical equations and draw their graphs in Android
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Over the past decades, many electronic devices have been invented that have made human life easier and things easier to do. One of the most popular electronic devices are calculators. Calculators are able to perform calculations with very high speed and accuracy and save people from getting involved with mental calculations. When the first calculators were introduced, they were very well received, which led many electronics manufacturers to turn to these devices, and we saw many innovations and inventions in this field. Many calculators have been developed for a variety of applications, the most widely used of which are engineering or scientific calculators. With the advent of smartphones began a process in which many electronic devices became applications for these devices. One of the first devices to experience this was calculators.Graphing calculator plus 84 graph emulator free 83The title of a powerful calculator with the ability to solve a variety of mathematical equations and plot them, is specific to the Android operating system, published by lethinhien Development for free on Google Play. This calculator has many features, for example, you can use it to draw graphs for various parametric, polar and function equations. With this program you can solve equations and perform fractional calculations or easily derivative and integral. It is also possible to perform statistical calculations such as one-variable and two-variable statistical calculations, linear regression calculations, quadratic, etc. The most important feature of the program is its high power in drawing graphs and it can draw graphs of different mathematical expressions with very high accuracy and display them in the fastest time. If you are looking for a specialized calculator to do your calculations, we recommend installing this program.

Some features and capabilities of Graphing calculator plus 84 graph emulator free 83 Android :

  • Draw detailed diagrams for a variety of expressions and parameters of parametric, polar and ضی mathematics.
  • Solve equations, find Newton roots and perform fractional calculations
  • Solve derivative and integral equations
  • Support for statistical calculations such as one or two variable calculations, linear regression, quadratic, quadratic and…

Applications Graphing calculator plus 84 graph emulator free 83 an advanced calculator with multiple capabilities, students and students that Android users have the satisfaction rating of 4.5 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v5.1.1.661 : 

* New regression models: Logistic regression and Sin regression
* Square Chi test has been improved.
* Availability of wizard functions


Graphing calculator plus 84 graph emulator free