After introducing several note-taking applications for Android, today we intend to introduce the popular, powerful, and incredible Handy Note Pro software, which with its 4.3 rating in the Play Store and $3.99 price, is one of the most popular ones and with it on your smartphone, you will no longer have any shortcomings in note-taking. This program with its unique features makes you independent! This software has many features and capabilities. If we mention them to you, you will undoubtedly forget the computer notebook and do all your notes with this program! With the Handy Note software, you can easily record the things you do during the day so that in the coming days and weeks, you can easily remember what you did on that particular day and prevent forgetting tasks. Without further ado, we will name the features of this application for you:

  • Having a custom calendar for your notes
  • Dividing calendar days into one-hour intervals for notes
  • Writing texts and notes with your keyboard or fingers!
  • The ability to beautify notes by placing backgrounds for them
  • The ability to place all elements on the page, including images, videos, symbols, shapes, SMS, calls, dates
  • The ability to save notes in various formats and save them on memory
  • Having a stylish custom widget for quick access via the home screen
  • The ability to change the size and color of texts, backgrounds, and customization
  • Optimized for both phones and tablets

If you are looking for the best and most powerful note-taking application and have come to this page, be sure that you have come to the right path and with Handy Note Pro, you can take your notes professionally. Stay with us to download this application

* Fixing issues and improving program performance!


Download Handy Note Pro - a powerful Android notebook