A 100 Doors Puzzle Box v1.6.9f2 + Mod – A very entertaining puzzle game “100 Door Puzzle Box” for Android
Regular version + two mod versions (unlocked + ad-free) separately
Tested for offline play

A 100 Doors Puzzle Box – جعبه پازلی 100 در is another game in the A 100 Doors series and an interesting and exciting puzzle game among relatively old titles in the puzzle game genre. It has been released for free by the Russian studio Protey Apps and is available to Android users worldwide. Usroid has provided this popular and interesting game for the first time among all Iranian sites, along with its modded version for download. Although A 100 Doors Puzzle Box is not a unique and special game and everything in it is a imitation of older games, it should be said that the overall structure and entertaining designs of this game are so good that it has a lot to say among similar titles. It is still unclear in which year and by which studio the first game with such a theme was released, but this genre of games has been very attractive and captivating from the beginning. Even the naming convention of such games was chosen according to a specific standard. A 100 Doors Puzzle Box is undoubtedly one of these games. While most similar games in this genre have a scary theme and elements to induce more excitement in the audience, this game is not like that and, in fact, is quite lively and colorful. It should be said that there is no sign of stress in this game like other similar games.


A 100 Doors Puzzle Box


In the game A 100 Doors Puzzle Box, you have to solve 100 intellectual and challenging levels. At the beginning of the puzzle, they are very simple and straightforward, but as you progress through the game, the difficulty level of the stages will increase to the point where your mind may be seriously engaged in some stages! In this game, there are 100 doors that need to be opened in some way. The lock on these doors is often opened by finding and using physical keys, but this is not the only type of lock! Some of the locks on these doors are digital and require finding a code to open them. There are also other different types of puzzles in A 100 Doors Puzzle Box. The overall puzzle is very attractive and well-made, and some of them are really intellectual and challenging. Your main goal is to escape from this place, and to do so, you must open these 100 doors to be able to escape! So focus your attention on the game’s puzzles. The gameplay style of A 100 Doors Puzzle Box is in the form of Point & Click games. You can interact with the game items that are displayed throughout the screen by touching them and try to understand and solve the game’s puzzles through this method. The beautiful and entertaining game A 100 Doors Puzzle Box is offered with a very suitable size, but attractive graphics and eye-catching visuals. You can download the latest official version of this game along with its modded version from Usroid. The 100 Doors Puzzle Box has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play and has achieved a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating.