Let’s Golf! 3 V1.1.0 November 2013 Game for Adreno, Tegra, PowerVR and Mali processors + trailer (The most complete post for Let’s Golf! game among Iranian websites!)

Without any doubt, all Android game lovers know that Gameloft games are far superior to other available games. So far, we have provided you with the latest versions of Gameloft games one after the other, which have been well received by you. Many users have requested various games from this company, and we have provided some of them. In this regard, we have decided to keep our promise to create a comprehensive archive of all the famous games of this company and make them available to you! Today, we are introducing one of the best Android sports games called Lets Golf! 3 HD, which allows you to experience the best, most exciting, and realistic golf game on your Android tablet or smartphone!

If you have experienced golf games so far or even have a golf game on your mobile that you think is the best, say goodbye to them now and try Let’s Golf! 3 game! In this game, you play as various lovable characters and travel to amazing countries and locations to compete in golf matches and eliminate your opponents one by one until you become the best golf player at the end! Do you want to compete online with your friends through wireless or even Bluetooth connection? Do you want to experience a multiplayer golf competition with your real friends? Let’s Golf game is designed especially for you!

Some of the features of Let’s Golf! 3 HD game for Android are:

* Travel to six famous and grand places in the world, including the Great Wall of China.

* The possibility of playing multiplayer with users and friends via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

* Possibility of personalizing characters by changing clothes, hair, shoes, hats, etc.

* Playing in amazing and real places such as lush green forests

* The possibility of chatting online with friends during multiplayer games

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* Having stunning HD graphics comparable to handheld consoles!

Until now, perhaps only two or three Iranian websites have offered the Let’s Golf! 3 HD game for you, which is definitely not cracked and requires a lot of hassle to run or even download its data at a very slow speed! But today, we have provided this beautiful game along with 4 data files and 4 installation files specifically for Adreno, Powervr, Tegra, and Mali processors with direct links for you on Usroid, undoubtedly the most complete post of this game on your own site!

Was the above explanation not enough for you and would you like to familiarize yourself with the gameplay before downloading the game and if it is suitable for you, download it? Don’t worry, we have also provided a trailer of the game environment for you, which is about 5 megabytes. First download and watch it, then if you want, go ahead and download it!

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Download Let's Golf!  3 November 2013 - Golf Gameloft Android game!


Installation and Execution Guidelines for Let’s Golf! 3 HD Android Game:


First step: Download and install one of the following installation files according to your phone or tablet processor:


Download the installation file (APK) for Adreno processor with a size of 19 MB

Download the installation file (APK) for Powervr processor with a size of 9 megabytes

Download Mali Processor APK Installation File with a Size of 9 MB

Download the installation file (APK) for Tegra processor with a size of 9 MB

Step 2: Download one of the following data according to your smartphone or Android tablet processor:


Download Adreno Processor Data File (obb) with a size of 825 MB

Download Powervr Processor Data File (obb) with a size of 845 MB

Download Mali Processor Data File (obb) with a size of 947 MB

Download Tegra Processor Data (obb) file with a size of 845 MB

Step 3: Extract the data file from the compressed format with the password www.farsroid.com. Copy the com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftL3HM folder to the SD:Androidobb directory and finally run the game!



Download Let's Golf! 3 HD Android Apk + Obb - FREE NEW



Download Let's Golf! 3 HD Android Apk + Obb - FREE NEW