Toolbox eXtreme is an incredibly useful software for optimizing the Android operating system, which is considered one of the most popular Android optimization software with a 4.7 rating in the Play Store. With the features of this software, you can easily bring a versatile toolbox with capabilities such as increasing internet speed, clearing app caches, and saving battery consumption to your Android phone. The software is sold for $6.99 in the Android market and has been purchased millions of times to date, with the following features and capabilities:

* Having a tool to keep you permanently online to the internet through various connections

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* Recover lost network signals in less than 30 seconds

* Cleaning tool to improve device performance by removing app cache

* Easy history clearing with Google Chrome browser, Google Play, Gmail, Google Maps

* Having a powerful and exclusive task killer for closing programs with a white list

* Saving battery by closing programs that consume a lot of battery

* Display complete information about phone memory and other data such as battery

If you want to optimize your Android phone and tablet and improve their performance, don’t miss the useful application Toolbox eXtreme and get its latest version for free from Usroid.

* Android 8+ support, bug fixes and software issues resolved


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