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In today’s world, having a beautiful and fit body is one of the main desires of everyone, and many people have been trying to have a beautiful body for many years and try different methods. From diets to obesity and weight loss medications and cosmetic surgery, there are many different ways to achieve fitness. Unfortunately, many of the methods we use to get fit are unhealthy and dangerous, and can cause serious health problems in the long run. The healthiest and safest way to get fit is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. To have a proper diet, we must first calculate the amount of calories our body needs and then, by managing our daily calorie intake, follow a healthy and proper diet. Karafs – Celery is the title of an application to achieve the ideal weight in a certain period of time for the Android operating system.Developed by Karafs Team and released for free on Google Play. To use the features of this program, you must be a member. Then it’s time to enter the full information of height and weight and…. Up to daily meals and target weight. The program calculates and displays the amount of calories your body needs daily by receiving your physical characteristics. In order to calculate the calories and protein you receive during the day, you need to include your meals in the program. The celery program includes a complete collection of Iranian and foreign dishes in different categories, and most of the dishes are available in this program. If there is no food in the program, you can manually enter the amount of protein and calories in the program. Other features offered by the celery program include the ability to add sports. In this way, users will also be informed about the amount of calories burned by exercise. The program also includes a variety of diet recipes that users can use by visiting the store to subscribe, purchase sports training videos, and diet recipes. If you want to lose or gain weight in a certain amount of time, don’t miss this program at all.

Some features and capabilities of Karafs program Android celery :

  • Online diet with the possibility of targeting for weight change
  • There are over 150 healthy and healthy diet recipes in celery that are the first step in diet cooking.
  • Provide sports moves to manage your daily exercise program
  • Variety and breadth of foods
  • Easy calorie calculation of different sports
  • Provide the amount of protein your body needs based on your unique profile
  • Provide protein content for each meal
  • Reminder of meal registration
  • Ability to register food via barcode scan
  • Ability to record daily water consumption

Karafs App – Celery is a great program to achieve the desired weight that can keep you away from the common mistakes in the usual diets and while achieving the desired weight, ensure the health of the body. With the satisfaction of Android users, Karafs has been able to get an excellent score of 4.6 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the original, complete and non-promotional version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Karafs - Celery