Magic Cube Puzzle 3D v1.17.10 Mod – A challenging puzzle game called “Rubik’s Cube Puzzle” for Android
The regular version of the mod version (unlocked – without ads) is tested separately
with offline execution

Magic Cube Puzzle 3D – The Rubik’s Cube 3D puzzle is the name of a very attractive game in the puzzle game category of the Russian studio Maximko Online, which has been published for free on Google Play. Usroid for the first time in US this game introduces you to your loved ones. As is clear, this game is a puzzle about the Rubik’s Cube. We are all familiar with Rubik’s Cube and this puzzle game device, and on the other hand, we know that it is one of the most interesting and popular physical puzzles in the world. Now, thanks to Maximko Studios, you can experience all kinds of Rubik’s Cubes in a mobile game, and with great graphics and 3D design, it’s as if you’re building a real Rubik’s Cube! You can rotate your cube 360 ​​degrees and have a complete view of all the sections. It’s like holding a real cube in your hands! But it’s even more interesting to know that in Magic Cube Puzzle 3D, not only the Rubik’s Cubes 2 by 2 or 3 by 3, but all the famous models of this puzzle, even its new models (like the pyramid model) in this game are designed. If you are a Rubik’s Cube carburetor and the 2 × 2 or 3 × 3 versions are easy for you, you can invite yourself to the tough challenge of 8 × 8 Rubik’s Cube in Magic Cube Puzzle 3D! A challenge that certainly not everyone can do, even halfway through, and it may take hours for your mind to get involved but not complete! To make these puzzles also easy to control for players. Also, in order to make the game more exciting and of course competitive, a timer will be activated as soon as the game starts to show you the exact time. After completing the puzzles, you can share the time and image of the solved puzzle related to yourself through the button related to sharing with others on social networks.

Some features of Android Magic Cube Puzzle 3D game:

  • Excellent graphics with precise details
  • Fully three-dimensional and realistic designs
  • Ability to rotate the image 360 ​​degrees and view all parts of the opposites
  • Existence of all kinds of Rubik’s defects from 2 × 2 versions to advanced 8. 8 versions
  • Easy and hassle-free controllers
  • Has a timer to display the duration of the puzzles
  • Support for Google Play Achievements system
  • Ability to participate in world leaders and compete for a better record
  • Interesting sound effects
  • Very convenient size and the ability to play without the need for the Internet

Magic Cube Puzzle 3D is a remake of the famous Rubik’s Cube game in its digital version, but this design is so great that it is no different from the physical version in terms of performance! This fascinating game has so far topped the top puzzle style games with more than 10 million downloads on Google Play and a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 . In the following, you can download this game as a test and for free in two normal and modded versions (unlocked by removing ads) from Usroid and challenge your mind with different models of Rubik’s Cube!

Changes to version v1.17.10:

* Solve game problems and various optimizations


Magic Cube Puzzle 3D