TEGRA – Post Apocalypse Survival v1.7.61 + Mod – Adventure and entertaining game “TEGRA” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (free in-app purchase) separately
Tested with offline execution

TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival – تگرا is a beautifully designed and visually stunning game in the style of survival and crafting adventure games. The first official version was released in March 2020 as a trial, and at the same time, Usroid decided to be the first Iranian website to provide this beautiful and interesting game along with a modified version of it. The game was developed and produced by the anonymous Avega Games studio in Russia and is available for free on Google Play. TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival, as its name suggests, is a title in the crafting and survival genre. The first important thing that catches your attention when playing this game is its unique graphics and design. The designs use very interesting graphics and all the models in the game are three-dimensional, but with fantasy details. However, the high attention to environmental details and the unique design depth in TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival make you feel like you’re playing a full-fledged open-world game. In this game, you play as a special agent from an organization who is sent to a mysterious land through a mythical portal. Although the land is very beautiful and lush, it is also home to demonic creatures and skeleton-like monsters!


Tegra: Crafting Survival Shooter


Now, in the game TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival, you must try to resist in these difficult conditions as the main character of the game, using the tools and items at your disposal, until the rescue forces can find your location. Your mission is to build a camp, find the necessary items, construct various things, and most importantly, confront and destroy enemies. The overall game follows the genre of Survival, with construction and finding various things such as rocks, wood, food, etc. being the main part of the game. The gameplay of the game is in the first-person shooter (FPS) style, and you can explore the large environment of the game just like an Open World game and find many hidden things. All game missions are displayed on the map for you. As mentioned at the beginning of the text, the attractive graphics of TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival are one of its main strengths. This graphics, with its interesting cut scenes and video demos, has become even more attractive than before. It is noteworthy that Tegra, with its features and engaging gameplay, has a very suitable volume. If you are not familiar with this type of game, don’t worry because the first parts of the game are tutorial and teach you all the basics of the game. You can download this beautiful and well-made game from Usroid as a tested version and install it on your Android device to experience an entertaining adventure.

  1. The current version of the game is an Early Access version and may not be installed or run properly on all devices.
  2. The game is mostly offline, but for the initial run, you need an internet connection to register and download some additional data in certain parts of the game.
  3. Initial loading and running of the game in the modified version may take longer, which is normal due to the data retrieval process.
  4. The modified version features free purchases. To do this, go to the Main Station and then to the Shop section to buy game items.
  5. The game developer has not specified the minimum required Android version for running the game, but considering its features, it will only be possible to install it on Android 7.1 and above.