Math & Physics Calculations v1.2.2 – Android math and physics calculations application,
purchased for $ 1.20,
introduced for the first time in Iran

One of the most difficult courses in all stages of life for students and students of theoretical, mathematical and physical disciplines. These lessons, which get harder each year, contain a vast array of information that some of which we forget over the years. Calculators can be considered as one of the simplest tools available to solve mathematical problems, but in many cases, calculators can not meet all our needs, and we inevitably use problem solving. But today, with the introduction of smart and professional software, we intend to solve one of your biggest problems in performing mathematical and physical calculations. Math & Physics Calculations Paid is a smart and powerful application for solving a variety of complex math and physics problems, developed by Toys of Black Box for Android.It’s been published. This program helps its users to receive an accurate and complete answer without any problems and only by providing problem inputs. All topics covered in mathematics and physics are included in different categories that you can refer to each category according to your needs and meet your needs. One of the best parts of this feature-rich software can be considered as the accompanying formulas of each subject; In such a way that when performing calculations, all the formulas used are displayed and any questions are solved after obtaining the answers. In addition, it is good to know that a variety of 2D and 3D charts and shapes are supported by this smart software.


Math&Physics Calculations


Math & Physics Calculations app , due to its unique system and support for a variety of complex math and physics problems, has been able to get a score of 4.9 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its price of $ 1.20 . Note that this program has only 100 active downloads so far, and by receiving the purchased version from Usroid site, you will undoubtedly be one of the first global users.

Changes in version v1.2.2:

* Added new 3D shape calculations
* Added new calculations in the physics category
* UX improvements