Media Studio v18.28.006 [Pro] – Android Audio and Video File Editor Application
Professional version worth $14.99 is offered to you, dear ones

Media Studio Pro Unlocked is a comprehensive and versatile program for editing audio and video files (music and video) on the Android operating system, developed and published by Kaushal Kumar Agrawal. This software can be considered an all-in-one tool for filmmakers or musicians, who with its collection of features and capabilities will be able to easily edit their files in a comprehensive way. One of the most important features of Media Studio is its support for special editing filters, which allow you to adjust the brightness of the film, balance the colors, and blur certain parts of the screen, and give a special effect to your video files. In addition, if you want to preserve the copyright of your created video files, you can simply write your desired text and insert it onto the entire video in a few seconds. Another feature of this application is its support for various audio and video formats, to the extent that the developer has made every effort to ensure that there are no gaps or problems in the software, and has released it in the most complete mode possible.

Some features and capabilities of Media Studio Android app:

  • Support for various practical audio and video formats
  • A collection of unique filters for file editing
  • The ability to adjust the color and rotation of video files in different directions
  • The ability to adjust the playback speed of audio and video files
  • Receive HD output after editing files
  • The ability to convert audio and video file formats to each other
  • The ability to add text and copyright to all your video files
  • High speed in editing and making changes to files

The Media Studio app, with support for simultaneous audio and video files and in-network payment of $14.99, has received a 3.3 out of 5.0 rating from users on the Play Store. You can now download the latest full and professional version of this app completely free from the Usroid website.


Media Studio Pro