Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest v – Strategic game “Millions of Lords” for Android is
a well-made and competitive title with a new and different style
tested online.

Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest – Millions of Masters: The Victory of the Kingdom is an interesting and entertaining game from the strategy games of the French studio MILLION VICTORIES. This game is actually the first official game of this studio, and although this is the first project of this developer, but it must be said that the appropriate structure, style and interesting context that Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest has made it news of being an amateur and other issues. Don’t be like that. Usroid is proud to announce the first website among all US websites This game has been prepared, reviewed and published. According to the game’s creator, the main focus of Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest is on the battlefield and its fierce battles. Another interesting and new approach that can be seen in this game is to compete with other common strategic style titles. In this approach, there is no news of long waits for the upgrade of buildings and a lot of time to build armies and forces, and instead the studio has tried to make this game more of a game than a dry and repetitive strategic title. Tactical, action-oriented, and action-packed, all of which are collected in the form of a managerial and strategic game, and therefore it must be said that the game of millions of masters is different from many other strategy games.


Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest


In Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest You travel to a mythical and imaginary world. Where the main characters and their heroes are neither humans nor monsters, but animals of cats such as lions, leopards, tigers and so on. Before you start this game, you can create your own hero character and make it exclusive with different personalizations! In Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest, you can build a colony, like many other strategy games, or join other people’s colonies and compete in large groups. Really, this part of the game has a lot of charm and you can have a lot of fun in it. The creators of this game have done some interesting things to increase its attractiveness. One of these measures is to hold monthly or seasonal competitions in which any player who can receive more points is introduced as the “master”. It should also be noted that the different sections in the map of this game can receive many items and achievements and make the best use of them in the process of your victory. All in all, Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest is a fantasy and highly well-crafted strategy game that has made it different from many of its peers. From the download box section Usroid, you can easily and quickly download the latest version of this game and install it on your Android device. Don’t forget to share your opinion about this game for us and Usroid users in the comments section.

Note: Game servers may be blocked for some Iranian IPs; In this case, change your IP before running the game.

Changes to version v:

* Various optimizations and game problems