PicSure Pro – Advanced Camera app v1.2 – Professional and functional Camera app for Android
Purchased and complete version of the app worth $ 1.99

PicSure Pro – Advanced Camera appTitle is a professional and practical camera application developed by Six dots Software and published on Google Play. Photography and video recording is one of the most popular features of Android smartphones that users use it many times during the day. To capture beautiful and high quality images, we must consider various factors and take full advantage of environmental factors. Although these are very important and necessary, in addition to the hardware ability, having the right software helps to have professional photos. Typically, default startups do not provide enough features and capabilities to their users, this is one of the main reasons for users to use third-party applications. We have tried to introduce various software to capture beautiful images to you dear ones, but without a doubt one of the best of them is PicSure Pro – Advanced Camera app. This program helps its users to easily capture great images in any environment with any type of scene. Like many other similar apps, our main expectation from this camera is its good quality, which of course meets all our needs. Undoubtedly, this software has more features that we will discuss in the following.

PicSure Pro – Advanced Camera app A special option for organized photography

Just as many users take photos or videos for entertainment, some have specific goals and organize all the photos taken in a special way. This is one of the main reasons why PicSure Pro – Advanced Camera app is so popular with this group of users. If we want to explain the main feature of this startup to you dear ones, we can say that this camera is a suitable option for adding maximum information to images. From camera angles and geographic coordinates to adding copyright to prevent any theft of registered artwork. However, if you are one of those people who try to record specific information in each of your photos, this program is the best option.

Capture images with unparalleled quality

After the main feature of this application, which we mentioned in full in the above description, other features of PicSure Pro – Advanced Camera app include the very high quality of its camera. The dedicated coding system makes every effort to use the maximum hardware capability of the smartphone camera to provide flawless photos to your loved ones. When shooting, you can adjust the aspect ratio according to your final goal with just the touch of an option to get a perfect output.

View complete information with EXIF ​​2.2 support

Exquisite and rare information images! In the not-so-distant past, professional photographers were forced to capture captured photo information with pen and paper due to the use of conventional cameras. But today everything has changed and you can easily add this sensitive and important data to your images. PicSure Pro – Advanced Camera app with EXIF ​​2.2 support will help you save the most information in your photos. Examples of this information include ISO, shutter speed, white balance, aperture, focal length, date and time of image capture, and more.

Some features and capabilities of PicSure Pro – Advanced Camera app for Android:

  • Convenient option for capturing quality images anytime, anywhere
  • Ability to add specific information to your photos such as geolocation, shutter angle and…
  • Supports capturing images in various aspect ratios
  • Utilize maximum hardware capability to capture flawless images
  • EXIF 2.2 support for adding the most specific data to your photos
  • Option to add copyright to images
  • Incredibly beautiful yet simple user interface

Application PicSure Pro – Advanced Camera app to take advantage of the various features and functionality by its developer for $ 1.99 has been released on Google Play. Note that this application has not yet retail and perceptions of popular websites Usroid undoubtedly will be among the first users in Iran and the world.