PUSS! v1.2.14 – Fun and very challenging arcade game “Cat” for Android
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PUSS – CatIt is the name of an exciting and very challenging game with strange and abstract designs that was first released in August 2018 for the Windows PC platform and then just two years later for mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. The creator and publisher of this game is the Ukrainian studio teamcoil. This game was sold for $ 3.79 on Google Play, but Usroid, as always, has prepared a paid and purchased version for you dear ones. It should be said that we are the first Iranian website to purchase this game and provide it to you dear ones for free, so download it safely and have a completely new and different experience. PUSS game is designed with neon graphic style and intense effects of Glitch, which makes this style of design of this game completely different. This game is one of those games that may make some people dizzy! Everything in PUSS is complex, conceptual, abstract, and, as mentioned, glitchy, which may seem strange and even scary to many. In this game, you are supposed to take control of a cat and help him to cross dangerous, difficult and full of deadly traps in extremely difficult and challenging stages and reach the specified point so that he can reach the stage. Go next.




In PUSSYour work begins with moving this cat, which is just a simple icon. You have to put your finger on the icon and drag it around to follow the paths like this. The two main challenges you face along these paths make it difficult for you. The first challenge is the existence of relatively narrow walls and paths, and if you have any encounter with anything in this game, one cat’s life will be lost. But the second challenge that makes it harder for you than the first is moving items and deadly traps inside the tracks. In many cases, your paths move or different things like dangerous aliens move in the paths continuously so that you can not cross them very easily. Accuracy, speed of action and high concentration are the three vital factors for success in this game. PUSS is a great way to test your concentration, and while the game as a whole is very stressful and exciting, in the end it can be said that playing this game can help your mind learn to handle similar situations better than before. . If you are tired of ordinary and repetitive games and you are looking for a real challenge and extremely difficult and at the same time very exciting, do not miss PUSS game and now the latest paid version of it has been tested fromDownload Usroid and enjoy a lot. We recommend that you take a look at the video of the trailer before downloading the game. It should also be said that the PUSS game, due to its special style and completely unique designs, has been able to attract the attention of the audience to the point that its current score is 4.9 out of 5.0 to date.