Sea Port v1.0.228 – Exciting Strategic Game “Commercial Port” for Android
An entertaining and beautiful game in management and simulation genre
Tested by online execution

Sea Port: Build Town & Ship Cargo in Strategy Sim – بندر تجاری: شبیه ساز ساخت شهر و محموله های کشتی رانی is a beautiful, well-made, and entertaining game in the genre of management and simulation games from the category of strategy games that has been produced and released by Pixel Federation Games studio from Slovakia for the Android operating system. Usroid, as the first Iranian website, provides this game at the request of you, dear friends and loyal companions, so that you can easily and safely download the latest update directly from this article. If you are a fan of management, strategic, and city-building games, Sea Port: Build Town & Ship Cargo in Strategy Sim will be a suitable and entertaining option for you. In this title, you play the role of a professional trader who decides to develop an island and turn it into a commercial, recreational, and tourist center. To do this, you must build a large port and use various ships to travel to different locations and transport many commercial and economic cargoes. You can earn money by transferring these cargoes or even go fishing with the help of other small boats and earn income that way! However, in another part of the game, namely the land section, you are required to build a coastal city and build various buildings and centers in it. There are various items and buildings in this game that you can create in this coastal city according to your needs and earn income by land and sea!


Sea Port: Build Town & Ship Cargo in Strategy Sim


In Sea Port: Build Town & Ship Cargo in Strategy Sim, there is a tutorial in the first run that shows you the general gameplay. Just like many Tycoon-style games, in Sea Port, you should pay attention to different sections and don’t forget to upgrade various parts! You also need to constantly monitor your workforce because if you leave them alone, they will become idle. So, it can be said that in this game, you become an all-around business manager and experience special challenges. Sea Port: Build Town & Ship Cargo in Strategy Sim has a very good design. The graphic details of the game, which are done in animation and fantasy designs, give a beautiful appearance to the game. You can use the Pinch Zoom feature to zoom in on the game view from above and see more details. Interesting sound effects and beautiful visual effects are other prominent features of these designs. By completing missions, you can earn income and buy game items or upgrade different sections with the money you have earned. You can also find special items by exploring various sections. This beautiful game has been downloaded more than 5 million times to date with a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0. If you are interested in management-style games, don’t miss Sea Port: Build Town & Ship Cargo in Strategy Sim and download the latest version from the download box section of the Usroid website right now and become the world’s largest ship trader!

Attention: This is an online game and cannot be hacked. [There is no modified version.]