Shuffle – Random Generator v1.1.3 – Android password generator application,
the original version of the program – introduced for the first time in Iran

Establishing the security of smart devices and protecting personal information includes various cases that we have tried to be with you dear ones in this direction by introducing application software and to create the best security for you. But one of the easiest ways to increase information security on many social networks that receive very little attention is to use a strong password to log in to your personal account! Many people whose accounts have been hacked and whose information is lost use simple passwords such as mobile phone number, national card number, etc. که which make it very easy for the hacker to access and if they do not have access to the name information. The slave can be hacked into the account in the shortest possible time with just one cracker; But in this post, we also intend to take another step to establish more security and help you in this direction.Shuffle – Random Generator is a random and automatic password generator developed and published by Gig Studios for Android . This application helps users to choose difficult passwords to increase the security level so that no one can easily guess it. Four password generation modes are included in this software, the use of each of which increases the security by one level and increases the difficulty of passwords. In addition, a random number generation system is available in the list of features that are used by some users in special cases.


Shuffle - Random Generator


Application Shuffle – Random Generator according to their importance for enhancing the security of information managed by thousands of Active Score 4.6 out of 5.0 by users, Google receives now and as always the newest version without ads from the server Get Usroid fast .

Changes in version v1.1.3:

* Bug fixes + various optimizations.