Soccer Super Star v0.1.92 + Mod – Interesting and skillful sports game “Super Soccer Star” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited rewards) separately
Tested for offline use

Soccer Super Star – سوپر استار فوتبالی is an interesting, exciting, and very entertaining game from the Hong Kong-based Real Free Soccer studio for Android devices, which has been developed for free and released on Google Play. This game is the studio’s first official title, and although the designers of this game did not have any special experience in making mobile games and this title is their first official project, the result has been very satisfying and better than expected. Although Soccer Super Star does not have a new idea or nature, and various games in similar styles and contexts have been produced before, it must be said that Soccer Super Star has an attractive and likeable structure and a lot of variety can be seen in its different parts, which has made this game more diverse than many other similar games. This time, Usroid, as the first Iranian website, has prepared, reviewed, and published another game on the web for you dear ones, along with a modified version.


Soccer Super Star


The game Soccer Super Star is not a free football game. In fact, what you will see in this game is your efforts to score goals in various ways and under different conditions. These methods can be free kicks or other conditions such as centering, passing, or shooting from a distance. Ultimately, your priority in this game will be to use various skills and creativity to score goals. For example, in one stage of the game, it starts near the opponent’s penalty area. At the start of the game, all players are standing still and everything will be in a paused state until you determine the path of the ball’s movement. As soon as you set the path of the ball’s movement to reach your teammate, the game continues and then you have to aim and shoot towards the goal in the second part by dragging the path of the ball to the desired point. These conditions will be different in different stages of the game and interesting variety can be seen in all of them. All Soccer Super Star models are in 3D and in terms of graphics, it should be said that interesting and realistic physics have been considered for the players’ movements and good graphic details can be seen relative to the volume in this game. Overall, it should be said that Soccer Super Star is an exciting sports game for football enthusiasts that can keep you entertained for a long time with its small size, entertaining gameplay, and interesting style. To download this beautiful and entertaining game, you can first take a look at the game trailer video and then, if interested, download the latest version from the Usroid download box.

Note: In the mod version of the game, you receive infinite rewards without seeing any ads.