Star Chef 2: Cooking Game v1.6.11 – “Star Cooking 2” management and simulation game for Android
An entertaining and beautiful cooking simulation title for mobile
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Star Chef 2: Cooking Game – ستاره آشپزی 2: شبیه ساز آشپزی is the second game in the popular and highly entertaining Star Chef series from the American studio Star Chef LLC. Following the global success of the first installment, the game has been released for Android devices with new features, but with its classic structure and style. As always, we have obtained the latest update of the game and prepared the latest version for you to download. Like the first installment, Star Chef 2: Cooking Game revolves around a skilled chef, and you must manage a restaurant and cook and prepare dishes in his role. The first installment of this series became one of the most popular simulation and management games with millions of fans worldwide. This popularity prompted the game’s developers to create a second installment, Star Chef 2: Cooking Game, which has many differences and improvements compared to the first installment.


Star Chef 2: Cooking Game


In the game Star Chef 2: Cooking Game, you have been given more responsibilities and we are also witnessing the expansion of newer sections. In addition to these, other changes we see in this game include the addition of more cooking recipes, different locations, new character designs, and hundreds of other interesting and diverse items. In Star Chef 2: Cooking Game, not only can you run a large restaurant as a professional chef, but you can also act like a manager and customize various parts of your restaurant. You can decorate and use new and diverse items, just like in a decoration design game, to make your restaurant environment and appearance beautiful and attract more customers. Another task in this game is to start sections for preparing fresh ingredients for the dishes, and for this section, you can, for example, plant and harvest fresh vegetables yourself. But the more exciting part added to Star Chef 2: Cooking Game is a section called Community, where you can play the game with other players around the world and challenge your management skills. According to the developer, there are more than 200 different cooking recipes in Star Chef 2. The game also has an interesting storyline of its characters, which you must follow through 80 story levels. Star Chef 2: Cooking Game is not only attractive to cooking game enthusiasts, but also to anyone looking for entertainment and challenge. The fantasy and cartoon designs of the game, which are colorful and beautiful, can make anyone feel refreshed, no matter what their taste is. So don’t hesitate and go to the Usroid download box now and get the latest version of this game for free from the site’s direct links.