Super Heroes TD v1.0.3 + Mod – Strategic and adventure game “Tower Defense Superheroes” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
tested with offline execution

Super Heroes TD – Super Heroes TD – Full name Super Heroes TD – Fantasy Tower Defense Games is an adventure game in the style of strategic titles, especially tower defense games. The game was developed by the Australian studio LWK Games and has been released for Android devices. Usroid, this time as soon as another game is released, will prepare, review and for the first time among all Iranian sitesIt has been provided for free download for your service, dear friends and constant companions of Usroid. So if you are a fan of combination games in strategic and adventure styles, do not miss this beautiful and fun title and continue to introduce it with us. Super Heroes TD – Fantasy Tower Defense Games Just like its name, it is a game about defense games (tower defense) and as can be seen in the title of the game, this game is made with fantasy designs. According to the story told by the creator, there is a big land called Bright Continent where its people live together in peace. This land is in fact an ancient kingdom and has long been considered a sacred place until one day an evil king after trying for a long time to conquer this land and failed many times, this time in a different way. Has done the job.


Super Heroes TD - Fantasy Tower Defense Games


بازی Super Heroes TD – Fantasy Tower Defense GamesIt tells the story of the evil king’s brutal invasion of the land of the Bright Continent. With the help of powerful spells, this demonic king opens the gates of hell to the land of human beings, and now he has gone to the borders of the human empire with thousands of strong and dangerous forces. You are in the role of heroes who have formed an alliance with each other to prepare themselves to resist this invasion. The most important thing is to defend the borders of the empire and the mainland, and these heroes must stand up to the enemy with all their might to defend them. In the role of the leader of these heroes, you have to form a different and professional group and form the best possible group with the help of tools, weapons and skills of each character and hero. The game is designed similar to other titles released in the style of defense tower, but the different structure, better graphics and more professional gameplay of this game has made you in Super Heroes TD – Fantasy Tower Defense Games a unique experience of a fascinating game. And be strategic. To download the latest official version of this game, you can go to the download box right nowGo to Usroid and download this game normally or in moderation from the direct links of the site and experience a challenging and at the same time exciting adventure.