Toy Blast v7602 Mod – fun and popular game “Toy Blast” Android Trailer
Ordinary version Mod version [Features mentioned] Separately
tested with offline execution

Toy Blast – Toy Blast is a fun and popular game from Peak Games Studio for Android It has been released for free on the Google market and has been downloaded more than 10 million times by Android users around the world. Again, you are faced with a controversial game with the theme of puzzle matching, or in other words, Jorchin Block with magical abilities and skills and unique powers along with various boosters! In this game, you have to collect the toys that are stuck under the blocks, for this purpose, you have to remove the same blocks to collect the toys, but the game is not as simple as the number. Block movements are limited in this game! Toy Blast is an addictive and fun game that invites you to intellectual challenge. The higher you go, the harder the puzzles become, so you can use magical powers and UPS and get excited. Multiply! The graphics and sound are excellently designed and you will encounter unique graphics with an HD puzzle game! If you are interested in puzzle games, we suggest Game Super Toy Blast Try!

Some features of the fun Toy Blast Android puzzle game:

  • Stunning graphics and unique gameplay
  • A variety of jelly toys such as cars, rockets, dolls, animals
  • Includes a large number of levels with exciting puzzles
  • Different types of boosters such as vacuum cleaner, drill, bucket, brush
  • Easy and fun but hard to become a professional
  • Connect to Facebook and compete with other online players

Game Toy Blast now on Google Play has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 has been downloaded over 50 million times that we Usroid the newest and latest versions offer it to users with versions for download’ve put mode. The game has been tested and is running offline on all Android devices with medium hardware.


Toy Blast