Trailin ‘Travis is a new and very beautiful game in the style of running and adventure games for the Android operating system , which puts you in the role of the attractive character of the game, Travis, who must start a new adventure journey and understand the colorful life on your device. Bring. The point of the game is that the California girls are looking for you and you are trying to escape from them all, there are challenging obstacles along the way that you have to cross safely and go through different stages. let the.

Along the way, you should collect all the money that is available and with your money you can buy game items and increase the excitement.

Some features of Trailin ‘Travis Android game:

* Ability to upgrade and replace Travis clothes to the latest

* Play music while playing to increase excitement

* Glide, jump and fly to cross obstacles

* Play on the streets of California

* Great graphics compared to its low volume

We are Usroid version of exciting game modes Trailin ‘Travis for the download have unlimited money at your disposal and you can get it with one click.

Modded version with unlimited money (PlayStation 4.9 game score)


Download Trailin 'Travis - attractive game of Trailin' Travis for Android