Latest Reversi ProA new, fun and special game in the style of intellectual games – a board from Ultima Architect Inc. game development studio for Android, which is offered in two paid and free versions on Google Play, and its latest update is in front of you! Reversi or Othello game is one of the most famous and popular intellectual games in the world, which consists of an 8 in 8 or 6 in 6 field and beads with two colors, dark and light! Beads change color if placed horizontally, vertically, or obliquely between two beads of the same color; Two participants place beads in order so that all the houses are filled with beads! In the end, each participant whose bead color occupies the largest part of the page wins! Isn’t it interesting ?! If you are a fan of mind games and you are looking for one of the hardest and of course the most fun games of this genre, the difficult level of Ultima Reversi Pro will undoubtedly attract your attention! Ultima Reversi Pro game has its own strategies and worries that you can learn all of them with experience and technically beat your rivals! You can download this 2 MB game with one click from Usroid high speed servers!

Some features of Ultima Reversi Pro Android game:

  • Includes several different modes including single player and double player
  • Has an incredibly strong AI opponent at higher levels
  • Availability of different board sizes (4 × 4, 5 × 5, 6 × 6, 7 × 7, 8 × 8)
  • Existence of different colors of board games (green, blue, red, yellow, brown, silver and gray)
  • Availability of different rules of the game (normal mode, negative mode, revolutionary mode)
  • Availability of various functional settings including on / off sound
  • Supports all Android devices (phone and tablet)

Play Ultima Reversi Pro To date, thousands of times by Android users around the world have purchased from Google Play and have good rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 gain! As mentioned above, Ultima Reversi Pro is available in both free and paid versions for $ 1.99 on Google Play, and its free version has been downloaded millions of times by users around the world, and its paid version has been purchased about 1,000 times by users. Has been! In the paid version of the game, there is an “Auto Pass” feature, but in the free version, this feature does not exist! You can first view images of Reversi gameplay and finally, if you wish, download it with one click from Usroid high-speed servers .

Changes in version V1.5.8:

* Added new messages.


Latest Reversi Pro