Used Car Dealer Tycoon v1.9.920 + Mod – Simulation and fun game “Used Car Dealer” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite scanning) individually
tested with offline execution

Used Car Dealer Tycoon – Used Car Dealer Tycoon is  an interesting and entertaining game in the style of Idle and Clicker management and entertainment games, which is offered in the category of simulation games. This game is made by Dragonf lyEntertainment has been released for free for Android devices and is available to users on Google Play. Usroid has prepared the game at the same time as releasing the new version and provided it with a mod version for download. Used Car Dealer Tycoon, like all Idle and Tycoon style games, has a click nature and an important part of the game is related to building and upgrading various parts. If you are familiar with similar simulator and clicker titles before this game, you can get in touch with this game very quickly. Used Car Dealer Tycoon is designed with a simple but very attractive idea in which you are in the role of a used car dealer. Like all games of this genre, your investment starts with a small business during the game. You need to grow your business with management and professional measures.


Used Car Dealer Tycoon


In Used Car Dealer TycoonYou are in the role of a person who is supposed to earn money by buying used cars from different people and selling them to others. To do this, you need a specific business, and you will certainly need the help of different forces to grow it. Therefore, you have to hire different forces to do your job. The job of these people, who are actually sales experts, is to talk to customers and market to sell your cars. In Used Car Dealer Tycoon, you have to check and manage all the sections in a row and upgrade each section with the help of the money you earn. By upgrading the departments to higher levels, you will be equipped with more equipment, more professional staff and better facilities, and as a result, your income will increase. Your main goal in Used Car Dealer Tycoon is to become the biggest car dealer and you have to do a lot to achieve this goal. To get more acquainted with the general shape and icon of the game and its features, you can first watch the video of the game introduction trailer, which includes parts of the gameplay, to get more acquainted with this game. After that and if you wish, you can also download the centerUsroid In the continuation of this article, download this game for free in normal or mod.