Way of Retribution: Awakening v4.194 + Mod – Role-playing game “Way of Retribution” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (Free purchase) separately
Tested by running offline

Way of Retribution: Awakening – روش مجازات: ظهور is the full name of an incredibly exciting game with graphics beyond the usual and common graphics of mobile games. It is developed and produced by the anonymous studio Lib in Russia and released for Android phones and tablets for free. This beautiful and unique game is introduced for the first time among all Iranian Android sites by Usroid, and its latest version, along with the modded version and offline data, is offered to you to easily download with just one click from Usroid’s fast servers and experience a different adventure on your Android device. Way of Retribution: Awakening is a role-playing game, and the creators have tried to make the overall game similar to console titles. This game is almost a complete imitation of the Dark Souls game series, and if you have been familiar with this series before, you will notice the very close similarities as soon as you run and experience Way of Retribution: Awakening. In this game, just like Dark Souls, you play the role of a legendary hero who not only uses a sword but also magical powers to defeat enemies. Even in terms of the story, it should be said that the idea of this game is taken from Dark Souls. The story of this game is related to a completely imaginary world where the gods were able to restore the world to light by overcoming demons. Years pass until a great demon emerges from the darkness and drags the world into conflict and controversy with his magical power, to the point where even the gods cannot stop him.



In the game Way of Retribution: Awakening, you play as a messenger who is supposed to rally against this enemy to save the world. But the game’s story doesn’t end there! This event caused more demonic creatures that had been hiding in their own lands before this incident to also leave their realms and attack human lands, adding fuel to the war that had been created and causing the world to become very unfavorable and destroyed. It seems that hopes of defeating this great demon in these chaotic conditions are close to zero, but you are a legendary hero who does not want to allow such an event to happen. So, you must take up your sword and start this very dangerous adventure. Hundreds of different enemies are ahead of you. These enemies are not just demons; many of them are devilish humans who want to take advantage of this situation. This means that in this frightening world, you have no friends and almost anyone in front of you is considered an enemy. The gameplay style of Way of Retribution: Awakening follows the role-playing genre and is in third-person view. You can move around like an open-world game with virtual controllers and attack enemies with the help of other buttons, or use side items. The most prominent feature of Way of Retribution: Awakening is its exemplary graphics, which has amazing details to the extent that it can be compared to seventh-generation console games. In this game, you can create your own hero character and customize their appearance completely according to your taste with various items. These high details have made it impossible to play this game on any device. Usroid invites you to download this exciting and beautiful game from the site’s servers and experience a different and graphic title. We recommend that you watch the introduction trailer and gameplay video to become familiar with the excellent graphics and professional gameplay of this game.

To run this game, you need powerful devices with at least 6-core processors and 3 gigabytes of RAM. However, it should also be noted that due to its high volume and unique structure, this game may have difficulty running on some devices that meet the required specifications.
In the modified version, first complete the first part of the game, then find the Fire Shrine section and go to the shelter and buy the desired items with free gold by finding the seller (Merchant).

Installation and Execution Instructions of the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.lib.wrlive folder to the Android/obb directory of the internal memory of your device.