WhatsMapp Solo v1.5.0 – Excellent WhatsApp with installation feature alongside the official version of WhatsApp!
Introduction for the first time in Iranian sites – 100% tested,
yet a different version of WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsMapp Solo is a great and informal WhatsApp application for Android devices that you can use to manage two WhatsApp accounts on one device! You may be wondering how it is possible to use two WhatsApp accounts with one device at the same time ?! The answer is simple! You install the WhatsMapp Solo application next to the official version of WhatsApp on your device and register your other number with it! Simply put, you will have a copy of the official WhatsApp and a copy of the unofficial WhatsApp that you can use both at the same time. You may remember that for a long time there was a special version of WhatsApp called WhatsMappWe introduced that by installing it on your Android phone, in addition to having the features of the original version, you could have great features such as hiding the last visit, hiding the blue tick, hiding the typing, hiding the two ticks, etc. ! Now WhatsMapp Solo with all the features of that app, leads you to the new feature of having two WhatsApp accounts on one device!

Some features and capabilities of WhatsMapp Solo Android application:

* Ability to disable the option to display your last visit

* Ability to disable and hide the blue tick, two tick and…

* Hide Typing option when typing text!

* Having several dedicated icons for you to choose from

* Has a powerful Ant i Ban code function to prevent blocking

* Additional options to change WhatsApp password, change the color of chat ballons and so on

* Easy and hassle-free installation alongside the original version of the program

The newest and latest version of the app WhatsMapp Solo us today Farsrvyd first before you introduce WhatsApp app lovers who can use it with a click to continue downloaded.

Changes in version v1.5.0:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes


Download WhatsMapp Solo - Use two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone!