Yoga – Track Yoga v7.2.2 [Premium] – Android Yoga Exercise Class app
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Undoubtedly, yoga is one of the most relaxing sports in different societies, so that most women or even men resort to it to escape stress and have a calm mind. Doing yoga exercises brings peace of mind to its audience after a while and allows them to make rational decisions calmly and without anger in the face of any stressful problem. But one of the problems that many users always face is the rare and expensive yoga classes that, as always, we intend to solve this problem. Yoga – Track Yoga PremiumIs the title of a yoga class developed by Eternal Karma Inc. and published in the large Google Play Market. This wonderful application, with its special exercises, brings yoga into your home without any hassle and makes it a part of your daily life. Everything starts from the beginning and step by step to reach a certain level and abilities in this field after a while, like outdoor sports classes. Reach your ideal weight in a very short time, increase your body flexibility and get rid of depression. One of the most important features of this program is tracking your progress during the week, which makes you doubly motivated to continue training. After completing your special exercises and trainings, earn various medals and experience them at the next educational levels. As mentioned above, it does not matter what level of yoga you are in, because the exercises in the yoga database cover all levels from beginner to professional. Finally, you should know that the available exercises are displayed in full HD so that you can do them in the most correct way possible.


Application Yoga – Track Yoga With classes their unique has given more than half a million people to attract what is now the newest version of premiums without having to pay the network $ 19.99 from server Get high speed Usroid website ; Our version provides all the features for free.

Changes in version v7.2.2:

* App stability and bug fixes + new features