Ancient Battle v4.1.1 + Mod – Strategic and Fun Game “Ancient Battle” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (infinite money) separately
Tested by running offline

Ancient Battle – نبرد باستانی is a well-made and entertaining game with an interesting idea that has been produced in the strategy genre and released for free. This game has been developed by the Chinese studio Wuhan Mandrill VR and is available for Android phones and tablets. As usual, Usroid has decided to introduce another game exclusively and for the first time in Iran to its beloved users. In this game, you are a commander in the ancient world. A world where various kingdoms coexisted and there was never peace between them. You have to start the game alone and try to build a group and gradually turn it into a great army. The main idea of the game is that you have to move around a relatively large map with a hero and by encountering soldiers, add them to your group. There are many soldiers in different parts of this map that are gray. This means they do not belong to any particular group or army, and this is the best opportunity for you to add them to your group. The more you try to move around the map to find these types of soldiers, the more chances you have of winning in competitions and battles ahead. In Ancient Battle, every gray soldier added to your group changes color to your team’s default red color and from that moment on, that soldier will be under your command. Find more soldiers and turn your small team into an unstoppable army!


Ancient Battle


In the game Ancient Battle, your main challenge is to confront enemies who do exactly the same things as you on the map. They also form their army by employing other soldiers. Your goal should be to destroy these enemies before they become a great threat to you. An interesting point in this game is that any team that destroys the last soldier of the enemy team can revive the entire army of the opposing team that it had destroyed and add it to its own army! In fact, in the Ancient Battle game, you are the one who takes the risk of attacking other groups or not! Because if you fail, you will come to the service of another army and lose! There are many enemies in different parts of the map who may be weak or strong. Other armies also engage in war if they encounter each other, and you are not the only one who will participate in these battles. By destroying other teams and earning enough points, you can win each stage of the Ancient Battle game. Then you can go to the upgrade section from the game’s main menu and upgrade your forces with the money you have earned to increase their skills and find more power. Ancient Battle is a simple game that can be done with just one finger. Your only job is to guide your forces to different points on the map. They automatically engage in combat with enemies if they encounter them. This game has suitable details in terms of graphics and considering its overall volume, it should be said that Ancient Battle has performed well in this regard. You can zoom in or out the game view with the Pinch Zoom feature. This beautiful game is now available for download in both regular and modified versions from Usroid.

Note: The game can only be installed on arm64-v8a devices with a minimum of Android 7.0.