Animal Restaurant v11.15 + Mod – A management and simulation game “Animal Restaurant” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested by running offline

Animal Restaurant – رستوران حیوانات is a fun and fantasy game with children’s elements, released in the management and strategy simulation category. Hong Kong game developer DH-Publisher is responsible for creating, developing, and publishing this game for the Android operating system. Once again, Usroid has decided to provide another entertaining game for download at your request, offering the latest version of Animal Restaurant, along with a modified version of it, for free and tested download. The Animal Restaurant game has cartoonish designs and modeling, and visually appears to be a children’s game. Except for the visual designs, the game’s soundtrack and sound effects are also specifically designed for children to make the game more appealing to young children. However, the game’s childlike nature does not mean it is simple or outdated. Animal Restaurant is a challenging and entertaining title in the management genre, and it is not recommended for players who are not interested in this type of game. In this game, you have a restaurant in a world of animals, and you must manage this restaurant in the best possible way.


Animal Restaurant


In Animal Restaurant, you have various customers of different animals. Therefore, you need to have different products and orders to serve a diverse range of customers. You can cook various appetizers, main dishes, and delicious desserts in this game and serve them to your customers. From pancakes, pizza, sandwiches, spaghetti, and so on, to various European or East Asian international dishes, they can all be cooked and served in this game. With progress in the game, you can get more cooking instructions and have more customers. The appearance of the Animal Restaurant game is very similar to clicker games because an important part of the game is exactly in this style. With the money you earn from preparing customers’ orders, you can expand your restaurant and use more items to make it bigger. In addition to this restaurant, you can even set up a restaurant in the garden and create scenes of Alice in Wonderland. You can also use various assistants to advance the game. Overall, Animal Restaurant is a beautiful managerial and multifaceted game that is not only for children but also a fun game for adults. You can download the latest official version of this game along with a modified version from Usroid servers. It is worth mentioning that the Animal Restaurant game has become one of the selected and popular games among similar games with a score of 4.5 out of 5.0.