Back Wars – Old Wars is an interesting and entertaining strategy game from the popular studio and the well-known name MDickie for Android devices, which is offered for free on Google Play, and as always, we have decided for the first time in Iran.Introduce it to your presence and make you, the lovers of special games, happy! The general story of Back Wars is about an army that goes back thousands of years to be able to rule! The command of this powerful army is in your hands and you must help them to rule the world! Participating in hundreds of old battles with special cultures will surely bring you the experience of one of the best and most beautiful strategy games! A wide range of different weapons are available, including catapults, with which you must destroy all the forces ahead and try to reach your goal! MDickie gaming company has beautiful and popular games such as School Days and Extra Lives in its portfolio, which is one of the most popular Android games. Also test Back Wars and say what value it is worth getting ?!


Back Wars


Game Back Wars To date, tens of thousands of times by Android users around the world downloaded from Google Play and managed to score an excellent 4.6 from 5.0 the business that we Usroid first version for free download offer have her. You can first view images of the Back Wars game environment and finally, if you wish, download it with one click from the site’s high-speed servers. Finally, the game has been tested by us and run offline without any problems.

Note: If the mod (unlock) version of the game is ready, it will be released for download.

Version V1.109 changes:

* No changes have been mentioned for this version