BADLAND 2 v1.0.0.1062 + Mod – Popular and wonderful game Badland 2 Android
Normal version + Mod version tested separately
with offline execution
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BADLAND 2 is the second version of the popular Badland game from Frogmind Oy Studio for Android devices , which is released for free by Clean Master Games in the big Google market, and again, as always, we decided to release it at the same time as it was released by the manufacturer.Introducing the latest version in the presence of you, lovers of special Android games! If you know, the first version of this game was able to win various awards and has been downloaded more than 500 million times by Android users around the world, and now the manufacturer has come with the release of the second version to delight users who love this game. bring! The gameplay is the same as its predecessor; Isn’t it fun to fly and survive in a wonderful world painted with traps, puzzles and imaginary obstacles !? Despite the new elements such as liquids, flamethrowers, cold, magma, water and scorching light, you have to survive and go through many stages ‍! Sometimes you have to fall into a deadly valley to survive and sometimes you have to fly in any direction, to stay safe you have to concentrate completely!




In BADLAND 2, adventures take place in a tree-covered forest and you travel with strange creatures, as if you have to control something; Although the forest looks very beautiful, but one thing in it does not seem to be right! You are the one who has to explore and search the forest in the role of a forest creature to find the problems in it! This game has dozens of completely different stages and in addition it has a multiplayer mode where up to 4 people can play with each other at the same time (of course, the manufacturer says this will be added soon)! If you are a fan of the very beautiful game of Limbo, today we offer you the game BADLAND 2, which is as beautiful as the game of Limbo! You can get the first version of this beautiful game along with the mod version from Usroid high-speed servers for your tablet or Android phone!

Changes in version v1.0.0.1062:

* New pack “EVOLUTION” which includes 10 steps
* Added 15 daily challenges
* Other new features + bug fixes + various optimizations.