Best Fiends Stars v + Mod – A fun and entertaining game “Best Enemy Stars” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline performance

Best Fiends Stars – Best Fiends Stars, which is full name on Google Play Best Fiends Stars – Free Puzzle Game, is another official game from the popular Best Fiends series.In casual style for Android operating system. Best Fiends, which is actually the first original version of this series of games, is one of the most popular and lovable fun and puzzle style games with tens of millions of players around the world. Now the creators of this game are the Finnish studio Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd. They decided to accelerate the success of the first part with a new title by making another similar game in the same style and context, and to shine among the competitors by branding the name of this game. So after several years, the studio introduced the second game in the series and named it Best Fiends Stars. While the second version seemed to be a lot more different than the first part, it must be said that Best Fiends Stars – Free Puzzle Game is almost the same as the first part. The gameplay style, design and overall graphics of the game are accompanied by very few changes, and it can be said that the game of stars of the best enemies is a relatively different update from the first game. However, it can not be said that this game is completely repetitive and unchanged, and in fact it is just the general nature of it that has remained somewhat intact.


Best Fiends Stars - Free Puzzle Game


In the game Best Fiends Stars – Free Puzzle GameFocusing on Match 3 and Blast style games, you have to solve puzzle puzzles in more than 500 fun, yet challenging and lovable stages to get to the next level. Almost everything you see in this game already exists in Match 3 Puzzle style games. But an interesting and fun feature that Seriously Digital Entertainment Studio has considered for this game, is the ability to play online with your friends. This part of the game, which is a turning point, has not been seen in less similar games in this genre. In this part, you can play as a team with your friends and double its fun. Just like any other similar puzzle game, your main goal in this game is to put similar items together in a row. As hard as it is to guess, Best Fiends Stars – Free Puzzle Game also has the ability to use boosters and various scoring items to enjoy a dynamic gameplay. To get more familiar with this game, you can take a look at the video of the trailer or its screenshot images, and then, if you wish, download the latest version along with a modded version of Usroid and enjoy your opinion about this. Play with us and other usersUsroid share.