BlockuDoku – Block Puzzle Game v3.0.0 + Mod – Android Block Puzzle Game
Regular version + Mod version (Unlock = Remove Ads) separately
Tested by running offline

BlockuDoku – Block Puzzle Game – بلوکودوکو is a puzzle game developed by the game studio Easybrain for Android devices. The aforementioned game studio has previously offered successful games for gamers and has recorded a good track record with millions of downloads in the Android market. BlockuDoku – Block Puzzle Game is another successful game from this game studio that has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times in the Android market and has been popular with gamers from all over the world. For many gamers, this game is reminiscent of childhood memories because the gameplay structure of BlockuDoku – Block Puzzle Game is actually a combination of house-building game and Sudoku. If we were to make a list of the most addictive games of all time, undoubtedly the house-building game would be one of the games on this list. The house-building game was never difficult, blocks moved from top to bottom, and all you had to do was rotate them and guide them left and right to get them in place and complete the rows. Do you remember what happened when a row was completed? When the blocks were placed in their place and a row was completed, that row was removed from the blocks, and if you were successful in completing several rows together, you could remove several rows of blocks with one move. This game has a similar mechanism, except that there are large squares in the game that are made up of 9 squares, each of which has 9 small squares inside, just like Sudoku.


BlockuDoku - Block Puzzle Game


In the game BlockuDoku – Block Puzzle Game, you are given 3 blocks in different shapes each time, which you must place in the squares in a way that completes the squares and rows and allows you to remove them. This cycle is repeated over and over again, and your main challenge is to remove rows as much as possible and earn more points. The game ends when there is no more space to place blocks. If you still don’t understand how this game works, don’t worry! As soon as you try it once or twice, you will become familiar with all its functions and can easily move forward in the game. There is no time limit in the game, so you don’t have to rush and can gradually overcome various challenges. According to the creators of this game, it is designed for people who want to calm their minds and strengthen them at the same time. When you are tired or not in a good mood, you can start BlockuDoku – Block Puzzle Game to cheer up and calm your mind. This game has many positive features, including a 9×9 square and grid design that will be familiar to Sudoku fans, various blocks in different shapes that will be familiar to fans of home-building games, the presence of two minimalist modern and classic wooden themes, challenging goals and a record scoring system, the ability to remove multiple rows with just one block, easy and responsive controls, and unique and creative gameplay. BlockuDoku – Block Puzzle Game has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 in the Android market and the team at Usroid intends to provide this game to you dear ones as a fully tested and completely free version. At the end of this article, you can download the original version of this game along with its modded version from our servers and enjoy it!