To date , we have introduced the best car and car racing style games to you, all of which were data-intensive and high-volume; Today we are going to introduce a new and very beautiful game Burning Wheels 3D Racing , which in addition to having a very small volume, has a good and desirable quality, and we have made it only for people who have low download speeds and can not play games with a large volume. To receive. In this game you can engage in street racing. In the game, you can smoke tires with the most expensive supercars by taking points in takeoffs and drifts, get good points and stay on the competitive course!

This game has very good graphics and excellent quality, and various capabilities such as upgrading the car with tasks such as increasing speed, acceleration and فراهم are provided in it. Play exciting music, great graphics and addictive gameplay will bring the best machine game experience on your Android phone.

Some features of Burning Wheels 3D Racing Android game:

* Having 40 different stages for competitions

* Achievements for exceptional speeds

* Having 3D graphics and realistic physics

* Ability to left opponents by the player to increase excitement

* Being sporty and very beautiful cars for racing

* Easy controllers for easy control of cars with 4 virtual buttons

* Different weather conditions to experience the best machine game

If you like to experience the beautiful Burning Wheels 3D Racing car game on your Android smartphone; Usroid has put the latest version of this game for you, which you can download by reading more…


Download Burning Wheels 3D Racing - a small Android machine game




Download Burning Wheels 3D Racing Android Apk - New



Download Burning Wheels 3D Racing Android Apk - New