Cooking Fest: Chef Restaurant v1.100 + Mod – Android Cooking Festival Game
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited gold and diamonds) separately available
Tested for offline play

Cooking Fest: Chef Restaurant – فستیوال آشپزی is a beautiful and entertaining arcade game from ANDROID PIXELS studio for Android devices, which is available for free on Google Play and the latest version is published on our website at users’ request. If you are a foodie and don’t spare any mercy for food or if you have always wanted to become a chef and haven’t been able to fulfill your dream, Cooking Fest: Chef Restaurant can be the best choice for you, a game that is both entertaining and delicious! In this game, you play the role of a head chef who must climb the ladder of success one by one to finally reach the highest rank! One of the strengths of the game is that it won’t be repetitive for you, because as you progress and reach higher levels, you can cook more diverse foods and sell them to your customers. You start with a simple restaurant and only by cooking hamburgers, but later on, you can cook all kinds of foods. The food design, game levels, and their excellent variety are amazing considering the small size of the game! You can cook Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, Japanese, American, and more foods in the next levels, and the variety of foods is not limited to countries, and you can also cook fast food, seafood, beach food, and more!


Cooking Fest Chef Restaurant


The sound design of the game Cooking Fest: Chef Restaurant is well done, and you can hear the sizzling and flipping of a hamburger! The game menu is designed to be as cheerful as possible, and the music adds to the happy vibe. The food design and graphics for cooking and the restaurants are also well done. One important thing to note is the game’s size and the fact that it does not have data, but despite this, the game is well designed, and we have reviewed it considering its small size. In the end, we must say that if you are looking for a fun, beautiful, and small game, this game can be a good choice and keep you entertained for a long time without getting repetitive. If you still have doubts, just take a look at the game’s statistics, and you will see that one million people worldwide have experienced the game and enjoyed it! Cooking Fest: Chef Restaurant now has a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating on Google Play and has been downloaded by Android users more than one million times worldwide, making it one of the most popular and beloved games in the arcade category. We at فارسروید offer the latest and newest version of the game for free with a direct link, which you can download with just one click.