Cooking Life v1.0.13 + Mod – Cooking Life Simulation Game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited gold and diamonds) separately
Tested for offline play

Cooking Life: Crazy Chef’s Kitchen Diary is a simulation game developed by Art Ocean Inc for Android devices. The game offers a simple yet engaging gameplay and provides a unique experience. The gameplay includes resource management, strategy, and creativity, and its mechanics are not too complicated. As the name suggests, Cooking Life: Crazy Chef’s Kitchen Diary is a cooking game where preparing and serving food is the main objective and activity. If you want to experience the pleasure of cooking with a gaming twist, this game is exactly what you have been waiting for. This game is one of the most different cooking games in recent years, and you can do a lot of work in it. In each level and different sections of the game, you will face surprises that invite you to a full-fledged challenge. You may expect a proper and reasonable story from the name of the game, but unfortunately, there is no specific story in the game. However, in games like Cooking Life: Crazy Chef’s Kitchen Diary that focus more on entertainment and gameplay, the game’s story is not very important. Throughout the game, you have to cook as much food as you can, take orders, and serve food. By doing this, you can earn points and money in each level. Depending on each level, the food you need to prepare will be different, from soup, kebab, and traditional dishes to fast food such as pizza and cheeseburger. Fortunately, there is a great variety of food. Some foods are easier and faster to prepare than others, which is your main challenge. You have to be able to prepare the food in a specific time and not be late to receive the maximum points and money. In general, after a while, you will notice some irregularities in your work. These irregularities occur because the difficulty level of the game increases step by step, and the more you progress in the game, the more difficult it becomes for you.


Cooking Life Crazy Chef's Kitchen Diary


However, by using the money and points that you earn in the game Cooking Life: Crazy Chef’s Kitchen Diary, you can buy various items, change the kitchen environment, and fully upgrade it. Of course, these changes can be visual and can also enhance the beauty of your restaurant. Thanks to the many levels in the game campaign, you will face various challenges in this game. The likelihood of mistakes and mishaps in these challenges is high, but the point about Cooking Life: Crazy Chef’s Kitchen Diary is that even mistakes and mishaps can be entertaining and memorable in this game. There is no reason not to return to the game after losing and take back your restaurant again. The entire game campaign can be done solo, but the creators have also added the feature of co-op or local multiplayer, which has its own special excitement and thrill, which has become common among mobile games these days. The graphics and music of the game are also excellent. The artistic design of the various parts of the game world, items, and characters are extraordinary and unique, and the effects and animations are very professional. The use of a wide range of colors and good lighting is also one of the strengths of this section. The game’s soundtrack and sound effects are also very beautiful and create an attractive atmosphere for the game. It must be said that this game is one of the best cooking games and you will definitely not regret trying it. Cooking Life: Crazy Chef’s Kitchen Diary has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Android market and has been well received by gamers. For this reason, the team at Usroid intends to provide this popular and popular game in both original and modded versions without restrictions for you dear ones. You can now download this game, which has been tested by our team, via the direct links we have provided at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!