Data & Call Plan Premium v2.0.6 [Unlocked] – Professional application for displaying statistics and details of the number of calls and messages sent in Android Unlocked
version with unlimited access to all features

Data & Call Plan Premium is an extremely smart and practical application for accessing the exact details of the time of calls and the number of short messages sent, published by Trecone Solutions. With a simple search in the vast world of the web, it is easy to understand that various applications are available to access information on the amount of Internet consumed, but the programThere are limited ways to access the details of calls and messages sent, most of which have problems, in this post we want to introduce a professional program in this field to you Usroid friends to get detailed information about the time of calls Received and sent and received short messages. One of the strengths of the Data & Call Plan application is the graphic system and its charts, which provide you with complete information. The existing chart shows information such as the number of sent and received messages, received and received calls! If you are one of the most popular subscribers and you spend a lot of your monthly income on mobile operators, you can limit the amount of call time and the number of messages, so that if you reach the set maximum, a smart alarm will be used. Notify you of the end of your usage limit.

Some features and capabilities of Data & Call Plan Premium Android application:

  • View the amount of call time and number of messages per month
  • Intelligent system for predicting the amount of calls and messages sent by the end of the day
  • Detailed information, along with graphical diagrams of the duration of established calls
  • Ability to limit call time and number of messages
  • Receive alarms after the end of the set limit
  • Display the total amount of battery consumed per month
  • Various widgets for quick access to information

The unique Data & Call Plan Premium application has been able to allocate a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 by allocating more than 1 million active downloads to itself in the Android Market of the Play Store . Get Usroid high speed servers .

Changes in version v2.0.6:

* Fixed application problems