Doom Buggy is a new and extremely beautiful game with excellent and three-dimensional graphics for the Android operating system , which invites you to real and challenging car racing. Due to the popularity of car games, we want to provide you with the newest and best car games for you users, and today we have prepared another car game with a different style for you, in which you drive your car on a variety of desert roads. You compete with rivals to finally reach the finish line.

Along the way you can explode rivals with missiles and other tools and take them out of the way; But keep in mind that your missiles are limited and you must use them professionally and accurately! On the other hand, you are not the only one who has missiles and other tools, but your competitors also have these tools and with them they divert you from the path, so in order to survive, you have to go this way and that!

In the game Doom Buggy possible to improve the car and weapons are also to maximize the power and speed of your car and to obtain equipment and money to collect gems on the way.


Download Doom Buggy - 3D racing car game for Android


Do you have the ability to compete with your competitors !? Can you beat the opponents in the challenging matches of Doom Buggy and cross the finish line safely !? So do not miss this amazing game!

You can download the latest version of Doom Buggy game for your Android smartphone with one click and a direct link from Usroid




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