Duet Premium Edition v3.17 + Original – Super arcade game Duet for Android + trailer of
the original version + premium version presented to you, dear and regular users, the
game runs offline

Duet Premium Edition A popular and extremely beautiful game with addictive gameplay and enchanting sound from Kumobius game development studio for Android devicesWhich is offered for free on Google Play and has been downloaded more than five hundred million times by Android users around the world and is one of the most downloaded, and today in Usroid, the intention is to introduce the original and premium version in the presence of you users. Dear and eternal we have! In Duet, you rotate two colored balls, one red and the other blue, by touching the right side of the screen, the balls start rotating clockwise, and by touching the left half, the balls start rotating counterclockwise, and this is the goal of the game. That you safely pass through the obstacles and reach the end of the path! You have a lot of fixed and moving obstacles in front of you and you have to rotate the balls as carefully as possible so that they pass side by side without hitting the obstacles; Because if you hit them, the ball will explode and paint the obstacle like a paintball ball! In general, the Duet is designed very simply and tries to avoid graphic glitter as much as possible; Instead of visual effects, try to focus on the way you play, how you play with the user’s mind, and the text that appears on the screen to play with your nerves!

Some features of Arcade Duet Premium Edition Android game:

  • It has 8 different chapters, each of which requires high mental power and details
  • Ability to repeat each step to increase your skills and unlock more than 25 achievements
  • Unlock various durability modes, daily games and four additional modes
  • It has 9 beautiful soundtracks that immerse you in the game atmosphere
  • Great design and construction with exciting sound and simple and user-friendly touch controllers

Duet Premium Edition game starts simple and gets harder and harder, in some obstacles you can just hold your hand on a part of the screen and see how the balls pass carefully through the obstacles. ; Sometimes you call the game developer for all this accuracy and micrometry! In the next stages, moving, disappearing obstacles, high and high speeds and shrinking obstacles add to the excitement of the game! The game currently has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Play Store and has been met with an unparalleled reception. Today, we have put the latest and latest version of it in Usroid along with the premium version for download, which you can use for free with a direct link. Download it from high speed site servers.

Additional notes: The premium version is a paid and full game version that is placed separately for download next to the original version.

Changes in version v3.17:

* Added new features


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