Erich Sann: The Scary Academy v3.5.4 + Mods – Adventure and Horror Game “Erich Sann the Devil” for Android
Regular version + 2 mod versions (features mentioned) separately
Tested with offline execution

Erich Sann: The Scary Academy – اریک سن شیطانی: زامبی مرده is another interesting and entertaining game from the creative studio IndieFist Horror Games, maker of similar titles such as The Curse of Evil Emily. It is designed and developed in the adventure genre with a terrifying and disturbing theme, and is available for Android devices worldwide for free with in-app purchases. As the first Iranian website, Usroid is proud to have published this game for the first time on the web for the Android operating system. We have also prepared a modified version in addition to the original version available on Google Play, so that those who prefer to download the game in mod form can also enjoy it. If you are a fan of first-person horror and adventure games, join Usroid to introduce and review this beautiful game for you, so that you can become more familiar with its features and content. Of course, the game developer has tried to showcase the gameplay and graphics style well by providing a trailer video of the game, which is also enjoyable to watch. We have also provided this video for you to watch alongside the screenshots.


Evil Erich Sann: The death zombie game


The game Erich Sann: the scary academy tells an interesting, breathtaking and very exciting story. You play as a thief who, after planning for a long time based on rumors, is finally ready to go to the desired location and steal a valuable object. This object is actually a special and very valuable violin that is located in a large mansion. This violin was for a strange musician named Erich Sann, who spent his entire life alone in this mansion, which was actually a music academy, and left mysterious works behind. He hid it in a special point in this mansion so that no one could find his violin and put many puzzles and riddles to reach it. You are someone who, with a lot of familiarity with these types of puzzles, steps into this cursed place, unaware that this mansion, contrary to what you thought, is not an abandoned place and demonic monsters live in it. But the leader of these monsters is none other than Erich Sann himself, who wanders around as a dangerous and cursed zombie in this place and attacks you as soon as he realizes your presence. In Erich Sann: the scary academy, your main task is to quietly pass through different parts of this place without being noticed by the monsters. But sometimes you have no choice but to show yourself to them, in which case you have to quickly run away from them and try to hide yourself somewhere. Fortunately, in Erich Sann: the scary academy, there is also the possibility of finding weapons to temporarily stop the enemies. The game is played in the first-person style and the gameplay is completely free. Can you succeed in finding this strange and valuable instrument? Can you escape from this dangerous academy? To discover the truth, you need to download the game and follow the story. You can visit the download box section of Usroid to download the latest version of the game for free.

1 – If you choose the game mode, run it offline.
2 – Be aware that in the mod version, mod features only work in the stage section designated by the Play button. These features are not active in other parts of the game, including the training and mission recording section.