Falcon Squad – Classic Shoot ’em up v91.3 + Mod – Android game“ Falcon Squad ”
Normal version + mod version (Unlimited money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Falcon Squad – Classic Shoot ’em up is an exciting and popular aerial action game from ONESOFT gaming studio for Android, which is offered for free on Google Play, and at your request, its latest update has been released for download with Unlimited money mode. And in front of you. The general story of the game is told in the language of its developer: “In the near future, humans will discover all the planets and make themselves the most powerful race in the galaxy! Now all the other races have gathered and armed themselves to destroy the human race! Now, all human beings suffer from this issue, and a hero must be found to save their race and prevent the destruction of the human race by defeating other races! You are the hero who rides your ship and destroys the invaders by firing in a row! ” You start your movement and you must destroy every enemy that comes your way with a series of shots! If you are a fan of aerial action and shooter games, Falcon Squad – Classic Shoot ’em up is definitely worth a try and will catch your eye.


Falcon Squad - Classic Shoot 'em up


Falcon Squad – Classic Shoot ’em up has been downloaded tens of millions of times by Android users around the world from Google Play and managed to get a good score of 4.5 out of 5.0. You can first see the pictures and video of the gameplay of the game, and finally, if you wish, you can download it with one click from the high-speed servers of Usroid.