Furious: Heat Racing 2023 v4.3 + Mod – Exciting Racing Game “Furious Races” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested by running offline

Furious: Heat Racing – Rough Racing is the second game from Pakistani studio Hammerhead Studio, created as a free game and released for Android devices. This new and unknown studio had previously released another similar game called Furious: Payback Racing. If we pay attention to the titles of these two games, we can see that the studio has named its games based on the latest games in the NFS or Need for Speed series, as the last two games from this studio were titled Need for Speed: Payback and Need for Speed: Heat. Even the game and its process have been designed to mimic the nature of these games. Usroid has prepared and released the latest version of Furious: Heat Racing for you, dear ones, in both regular and modded versions exclusively, so that you can receive your desired version according to your taste and experience an exciting and interesting game. Stay with Usroid to learn more about the overall gameplay of Furious: Heat Racing.


Furious: Heat Racing


Furious: Heat Racing may seem like a simple racing game at first glance. However, the main focus of the game is not just on street racing, but on something else entirely – escaping from the police! At the start of each level of the game, you participate in a street racing competition in the main section. It usually doesn’t take long for the police to find you and move towards you with several different vehicles. They stop you in your tracks and block your escape route, making it impossible for you to escape. If you’re caught by the police for just a few seconds, you’ll be arrested and lose the game. Therefore, the main point in Furious: Heat Racing is to quickly change lanes and weave through oncoming traffic, especially police cars. There’s no drifting or changing course on different streets in this game, and the overall style and context of the game is more like drag racing, as you have to follow the race on a relatively straight path. You can adjust the game controls and graphics settings to your liking. In Furious: Heat Racing, you can earn more money by completing more levels and unlock more cars. Each car can be upgraded and personalized separately. The graphics and gameplay of the game are commendable in relation to its small size, and its exciting and challenging process can also be one of its strengths. To download this game, simply go to the Usroid download section and download it directly from the links provided.